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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

i guess they're taking money away from OUT epa

to build those prisons in iraq i mentioned a couple of postings ago

from muckraked
Tucked away in the Bush administration’s recent budget is a proposal that has alarmed scientists and environmentalists. Under the plan, the Environmental Protection Agency will shut down its network of libraries serving the public and its own staff scientists.
In addition, the agency will discontinue its electronic catalog, “which tracks tens of thousands of unique documents and research studies that are available nowhere else,” reports
Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility.
The agency library’s $2.5 million budget will be cut by $2 million. That includes the $500,000 budget for the EPA Headquarters library and its electronic catalog which allows users to search for documents through the entire EPA library network........................


Rory Shock said...

Ignorance is bliss if one of the mottos of this administration

The (liberal)Girl Next Door said...

And slowly the facts start disappearing. History will never get the chance to fully judge them for their crimes.

Neil Shakespeare said...

Jesus Christ! Shutting down the info system of the EPA?! I guess they're just giving up on the planet altogether. They must figure they won't need it, what with Jesus comin' soon.

Unknown said...

yup THE RAPTURE is almost upon us