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Friday, October 01, 2010

this story is not the same ol' phelps shite story

no, it's a bit more. the phelps' are going to the supreme court (the joke that ARE the phelps that is). i don't know where they get the money to travel from city to city and town to town to desecrate the memory of this country's heroes. i don't know where they got the money to send one of 'em (or more) to law school. is someone supporting them? if yes, i sure would be interested in WHO

i hope they get flushed down like the shite they really are

Church's protests at military funerals a free-speech test for Supreme Court

Washington Post Staff Writer  
TOPEKA, KAN. - A filmmaker several years ago tracked Shirley Phelps-Roper and her family members as they went about praising God for killing U.S. soldiers and picketing their funerals - their way of putting the nation on notice about the Almighty's wrath. e called the documentary "The Most Hated Family in America," and Phelps-Roper had only one real regret.
"If he had just called it, 'The Most Hated Family in the World,'" she said. In the last hours of the last days, she explained, Jesus said his chosen will be "hated by all men."
Phelps-Roper, along with her father, the Rev. Fred W. Phelps, and other family members who make up Westboro Baptist Church, may yet get their wish...........


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Yes, I've wondered where they get their money too. Surely none of them actually work for a living? They spend all their time protesting!

a rose is a rose said...

one or two of 'em are attorneys. still, i can't imagine who would hire them