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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

a good first step

perhaps animal fighting (for 'sport') videos will be next. 

it is my belief in my heart of hearts, if you can make an animal suffer, you can make a person suffer. it's only a step away.
making animals suffer for YOUR enjoyment isn't obscene. IT'S FUCKING SICK. period. end of story

Senators introduce law to ban 'crush' videos of animal cruelty
By Bill Mears, CNN
Washington (CNN) -- Three U.S. senators introduced legislation Monday to specifically ban so-called "crush videos" -- depictions of small animals being tortured to death by humans.
The legislation came in response to a Supreme Court ruling this year striking down a broader congressional law dealing with animal cruelty.
The bi-partisan Animal Crush Video Prohibition Act would criminalize the creation, sale and marketing of these specific kinds of videos. Penalties of up to seven years in prison would be possible.
The videos mostly depict women -- with their faces unseen -- stomping helpless animals such as rabbits to death with spiked-heel shoes or with their bare feet. The videos apparently satisfy a sexual fetish for those who produce and watch them, said animal rights activists who supported the new bill............

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