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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

hell yeah he's a genius!

he only was responsible for the BEST two things on tv;  homicide life on the street and the wire
pic from the wapo article.

'The Wire' writer David Simon among MacArthur genius grant winners

Washington Post Staff Writer  

David Simon bristled as he listened to the voice mail. A lawyer in Washington wanted to talk about a "personal matter." Expecting a lawsuit or subpoena or worse, Simon dialed her back after a lunch in Baltimore two weeks ago. "When I reached her, she said, 'Are you alone?' and I said, 'Yes,' and I was quite sure I was about to be given extremely bad news," says Simon, the writer-producer of hour-long TV dramas "Homicide," "The Wire" and "Treme." "I was wondering, was it something about any book or show I'd written? Or had I run over someone's dog and didn't know it?" .....


stray said...

Yay, also, Sebastian Ruth

a rose is a rose said...

yes, another good choice of course