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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

you can make up your OWN mind

as to what sort of person (and/or political party) would set up three homeless people like this. may says it's not a joke. i don't believe him. i think he's laughing like crazy on this inside (and places where he isn't on camera)

Republican Runs Street People on Green Ticket

Mr. Pearcy, 20, is running for a seat on the Arizona Corporation Commission, which oversees public utilities, railroad safety and securities regulation. Although Mr. Pearcy says he is taking his first run for public office seriously, the political establishment here views him as nothing more than a political dirty trick.
Mr. Pearcy and other drifters and homeless people were recruited onto the Green Party ballot by a Republican political operative who freely admits that their candidacies may siphon some support from the Democrats. Arizona’s Democratic Party has filed a formal complaint with local, state and federal prosecutors in an effort to have the candidates removed from the ballot, and the Green Party has urged its supporters to steer clear of the rogue candidates...............

Joshua Lott for The New York Times
Steve May, right, a Republican, recruited three street people, from left, Thomas Meadows, Anthony Goshorn and Benjamin Pearcy, to run as Green Party candidates in Arizona.

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cpmaz said...


I'm with the Legislative District 17 Democrats in Arizona and we are fighting against Steve May and his schemes and need all the help we can get.

His latest scheme is shameless and cynical and maybe even soulless, but we have to fight against it as strongly as possible because if he gets away with it, he will get to take that shamelessness and cynicism and even soullessness to the Arizona Legislature, where he can do some major damage to services for the mentally ill and the homeless.

Please check out our website (http://www.d17dems.org/)...please forgive the dust, it's under renovation. If you are interested in helping us in our fight against May, please make a contribution at our ActBlue page (http://www.actblue.com/page/d17).

Anyway, thanks for any help you can provide!