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Wednesday, September 08, 2010

malvina reynolds


i was going to be rude (or literally MYSELF) and say, LOOK HER UP. i changed my mind. here's a link:

malvina on wiki

it's a shame most americans know lady gaga's name and not malvina's


Debra She Who Seeks said...

I've heard of her! She was a great folksinger when protest folksinging was big. Now only Pete Seeger is left and he must be a gazillion years old by now.

stray said...

Malvina was a pretty amazing person by all accounts, as well as a terrific songwriter.

Pete's about 90, by my best guesstimate, and just did a show at the Bearsville Theatre. (I wouldn't say he's the only one left, though. :-)

Makropoulos said...

Yeah, wasn't Malvina the Little Boxes lady? She saw the big picture, really early!

stray said...

Little Boxes, Turn Around, Magic Penny, The Man in the Mask, What Have They Done to the Rain...

She was one of those topical songwriters whose songs, rather unfortunately, never seem to lose their relevance. Which is why we're still singing them:

a rose is a rose said...

i saw her on tv when i was quite young, she inspired me (as did elizabeth cotton, mississippi john hurt, nina simone, federico fellini and some woman that was on the cover of national geographic who rode camels across the australian outback BY HERSELF. i know there are others, these just popped into my mind.