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Wednesday, September 08, 2010

an important story for all of us to read (part i)

they can leave the war (in a foreign country) but the battlefields are still all around them, even at home.

we treat our veterans like crap. oh sure we SAY we honor them. oh sure we give them a parade on veterans day and memorial day. THAT'S NOT WHAT THEY NEED. they need help WHILE serving and AFTER serving. especially in wars like vietnam, iraq, afghanistan. wars we HAVE NO FUCKING BUSINESS BEING IN AND IN A FEW CASES STARTING

Exclusive: One Iraq veteran’s harrowing journey from the battlefield to suicide (Part I)
By James Foley

“He said three times that he should have just died in Iraq and I would have loved him forever, because he didn't think we were going to get back together,” Krissy Caudill, Sgt. First Class Spencer Kohlheim’s fiancée said after his grandmother found him hanging in her garage less than a month after he returned from Iraq.
--> (At right: SFC Kohlheim minutes after his vehicle was hit by an IED in Kirkuk.)
What happened in Afghanistan
Soldiers speak of the firefights, of the thrill of getting shot at. In the mountains of Afghanistan a firefight can happen any day, and it can be a powerful, almost drug-like fix................

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