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Monday, September 13, 2010

this is rather hard to believe BUT apparently true

a kid using xbox was BANNED. why? BECAUSE HE LIVES IN FORT GAY. yes, you heard me (or read me) FORT GAY (they've allowed him back now after all the brouhaha. shite, banning him to begin with is insane

Fort Gay Pride Questioned; Xbox Reverses Decision
Video gamer in Fort Gay, W.Va. ousted from Xbox for using the word "gay."

Reporter: Randy Yohe
Email Address: randy.yohe@wsaz.com

FORT GAY, W.Va. (WSAZ) -- Hard core video gamers are usually very focused players, not prone to the usual distractions. But an unusual distraction has gamers and the mayor in Fort Gay, W.Va. outraged. Now they're fighting a corporate computer giant.
The battle is all about one three letter word,and pride, Fort Gay pride.
Intense. That's how Josh Moore gets when he logs on to his on line Xbox live account -- paid for in advance -- and does battle with other Xbox gamer’s world wide.
But Josh has an intense fight going on with the Xbox and Microsoft folks themselves, his account was suspended for inappropriate content in his general profile. The content in question -- Josh's home town -- Fort Gay, W.Va.
“I'm frustrated that this would be an issue. I'm proud of where I live and this makes no sense,” said Moore.............

pic: technabob.com
(i don't know who took the pic of the sign)

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