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Monday, September 13, 2010

i saw this on

craftzine and i also wanted to link to

caboodle ranch. what is caboodle? well, it's a ranch for (former) homeless cats, abused cats, abandoned cats. it was founded (by accident, read the story at the caboodle link above) by one man, craig grant. stop by the pictures pages here and especially HERE

the kitties have houses (a trailer and i guess in the more recent pics there's a whole little village for them), they have ladders up trees with sleeping places, they have underground hiding places. man, this is pretty amazing. all this coming from someone who initially didn't really care for cats. again, read craig's story.

pictures from the caboodle website linked above

here's a link for donations (read the website, i'm SURE you'll want to donate) caboodle ranch donations

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