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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

it really IS ok

because their skin is brown

Border Patrol Charged With Sexual Abuse, Assault, and Torture

 By Suzy Khimm

In line with its "enforcement only" approach to immigration, the Obama administration has increased the number of border patrol agents, most recently as part of a $600 million border bill that passed without much ado this summer. But the rapid expansion appears to have come at a cost. The Los Angeles Times reportsIn the last 18 months, writes the Times, "five Border Patrol agents have been accused or convicted of sex crimes, including one agent who pleaded guilty in January to raping a woman while off duty, and another who is accused of sexually assaulting a migrant while her young children were nearby in a car." Other Border Patrol agents have been charged in assault cases, including charges of torturing a 16-year-old drug smuggler, paralyzing a man with a hatchet in an attempted murder, and shocking, drugging, and Tasering an immigrant detainee to death while he was being deported to Mexico. that there's been a surge in sexual misconduct and assault cases against Border Patrol agents—a development that some attribute to the increased militarization of the border and greater numbers of inexperienced officers............

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