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Monday, July 26, 2010

oh man

you MUST read this if you're a fan of malted milk and or malted milk balls (i am. unfortunately i haven't had one in years. that pesky veganism and all)

one man's attraction to malt.............(and don't read it hungry)

from monkey goggles

Got Malted?

- David Wahl

I am sitting at the kitchen counter with a pint of Malted Milk Ball Custard, from Old School Custard, sitting across from me. I probably would have waited longer to eat it, savoring it every time I saw it sitting on the shelf and promising myself a spoonful when I got home from work, but I was afraid that my wife would eat it before I did. She wouldn’t eat it all, but I know that when I finally opened the container and there would be only a spoonful or two left at the bottom.
I love malted milk, malted milk balls and all related products. I love then enough to want to sing their praises in public, because it seems like the flavor of the malted is disappearing.................

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