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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

i tried to find out what he does

nearest i can determine is he is an 'author'. what i'm really wondering is: why would faux 'news' continue to have him on as a guest? why would i wonder that? well a couple of reasons. seems he sprouts forth all sorts of made-up facts AND he also thinks women are steamin' pieces o' shite

 Fox News ‘anti-feminist’ guest calls dating ‘legal prostitution’
 By David Edwards and Stephen Webster

.............Cue Marc Rudov, a self-described anti-feminist and frequent guest on both Fox News and Fox Business. His take: ladies night at local bars is evil because "dating is legal prostitution" anyway. 
Carlson appeared shocked. Her other guest -- Lis Wiehl, who frequently spars with Rudov during Fox appearances -- was not so much. Her response was rather dry: "Get a life."
The pairing seems to be a frequent one for Fox News, which has squared Rudov and Wiehl off 49 times since 2007, according to Rudov's Web site. Virtually all of Rudov's media exposure comes from Fox News and Fox Business, and he's a favored guest of Bill O'Reilly.
Rudov's primary objective in his literature and appearances is to convince men to stop "kissing [female] ass." On his site, he calls the United States a "gynocracy" and offers "coaching" for men with relationship difficulties. He declared during the 2008 primaries that Hillary Clinton lost the male vote because of her "nagging voice" and insists that women actually control 60 percent of America's wealth..............

this is from 2007
On Your World, Mark Rudov falsely claimed "women are equal-opportunity domestic abusers"

here's his wickimedia entry


Debra She Who Seeks said...

I guess "anti-feminist" is the new euphemism for "woman-hating."

a rose is a rose said...

he looks like he's getting ready to punch a woman out

stray said...

Yes, we control 60% of the wealth, but that's mostly because we are in league with the Trilateral Commission, the Freemasons, and the Comintern.

a rose is a rose said...

don't forget the united federation of planets

stray said...

sshhhh! that's the one we're not supposed to talk about!