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Friday, July 30, 2010

i wasn't there. i didn't see what happened

BUT if this is true, we (america) is in deep deep deep shite.

land of the free home of the brave arrested

CCR Attorney Legal Observer Arrested in Arizona Immigration Protests

Contact: press@ccrjustice.org
July 29, 2010, New York and Phoenix – This afternoon, CCR Attorney Sunita Patel was arrested as she was carrying out her legal observer duties at a protest of Arizona’s unconstitutional immigration law, SB 1070. As police began a sweep, Ms. Patel began to take down names of those being arrested and was promptly arrested herself. Witnesses say legal observers were deliberately targeted by police.

Said CCR Legal Director Bill Quigley, “Arresting a young woman of color who is there as an attorney observer demonstrates how irresponsible and un-American the Arizona action is. I fear Arizona is starting to ct like Mississippi in the civil rights days.”............

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