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Monday, July 26, 2010

if lil' tommy jumped off of a bridge would you?

it appears that lil' eye of newt would AND if that wasn't bad enough, he'd blame his OWN stupidity on lil' tommy

stfu eye of newt!

Gingrich blames Obama administration for his attack on Sherrod

By David Edwards

Newt Gingrich says the White House is at fault for his mistakenly calling Shirley Sherrod "viciously racist."
"Was that irresponsible, calling her viciously racist based on an Internet clip that had been taken out of context?" Fox News' Chris Wallace asked the former House speaker Sunday.
"No. I was operating in the context of the Secretary of Agriculture having summarily fired her and therefore there was no reason to disbelieve the clip and what you see is one more example of the Obama administration's continuing incompetence," said Gingrich.
"Apparently, she didn't even get the courtesy of a chance to talk to the Secretary of Agriculture who I suspect fired her under pressure from the White House and she said they were firing her under pressure from the White House," he continued...............

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