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Saturday, June 26, 2010

you know how i said my last posting was unbelievable?

well this one is JUST as unbelievable if not MORE so. let's just say i believed the story the police are giving. the one where the 86 year old BEDRIDDEN woman pulls a knife out from under the covers (i find that unlikely but let's just say i DID believe it). you are going to tell me a MESS of cops couldn't subdue her. they had to TAZE her (don't taze my grandma bro)

(as a side note, i usually DO agree with the side of the officers. if someone pulls a gun or a knife on them, in MOST cases, well they are trained to do what they have to do. but an effing 86 year old bedridden disabled woman on oxygen?????????????/ NO FUCKING WAY)

Oklahoma granny gets shocked by Taser; sues El Reno police

BY NOLAN CLAY, Staff Writer, nclay@opubco.com 
EL RENO — Police officers here are being sued for using a Taser last December to subdue a disabled grandmother, then 86, in her apartment bed.  Her grandson pleaded with officers, "Don't taze my Granny!" according to the lawsuit.
"I wouldn't want it to happen to anyone else," Lona M. Varner, now 87, told The Oklahoman Thursday.
She and her grandson, Lonnie D. Tinsley, on Monday sued the city of El Reno, officer Thomas Duran, officer Frank Tinga, officer Joseph Sandberg and other unknown police officers.
Varner and Tinsley allege in the federal lawsuit in Oklahoma City that their civil rights were violated. They also allege the city has failed to adequately train and discipline its police officers.
A city attorney, Roger Rinehart, said the city would have no comment. Assistant Police Chief Kevin Wilkerson said, "With the federal lawsuit, we can't make any comment on it right now."
Police have admitted using a Taser to incapacitate the suicidal woman Dec. 22. Officer Duran wrote in a police report she pulled a kitchen knife from under her pillow and threatened to kill him. "I tried talking to Varner and calm her down but nothing would work," he reported.......


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