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Friday, June 25, 2010

what a GIANT load o' steamin' shite

eff ALL of this crap! you, wapo actually have the nerve to present a NON-SATIRICAL video (linked on the first page of your website) to an interview with some cheesy jewelry designer (i've nvere heard of) who comments on women in power and leadership roles in the government? i went to this creatures website and splashed right there is 'as seen on/in (whatever) sex in the city'. well right there that tells me what i'm in for.

here's one of her items. the mudflap grrrrl with ruby nipples. yup. i'm going to trust someones opinion of women who thinks something like this (again, in a NON satirical way) empowers women or sheds a good light on women. and please take special note of the title of the 'article'. this is embarrassing wapo.

and for those who believe they'll become too sickened by the video, here's a link to the transcript Transcript: Wendy Brandes on why fashion 'torments' women leaders
pic (of the hunk o' jewelry objectifying women, from the  wendy brandes website

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