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Saturday, June 26, 2010

fuck japan (on this one)

sort of like fuck mexico and fuck spain on bullfighting. i love those countries and MOST of their culture. i cannot and will not accept killing whales and killing bulls in bullfighting. 

that said, i do watch whale wars on an infrequent basis (no tv. i watch in places other than my house). i am inspired by it. i'm not sure i agree with everything they do, i just think they are some of the most dedicated and courageous people i've ever seen.  i  would love to possess some of what they do. laying their lives on the line (literally mind you) for their beliefs. 

anyway, FUCK JAPAN on this one (and FUCK interpol and the international whaling commission and any and everyone else who allow japanese whaling to go on). japan, you're not fooling ANYONE. you are not killing whales for research. you're killing them to eat and to use as 'medicine' or cosmetics or whatever.

Anti-whaling leader on Interpol wanted list

By Agence France-Presse

TOKYO — Interpol this week placed the head of US-based anti-whaling group Sea Shepherd on an international wanted list at Japan's request, authorities in Tokyo said Friday.
The Japan Coastguard was informed by Interpol Thursday about the listing of Canadian Paul Watson, 59, for allegedly conspiring to harass whaling ships in Antarctic clashes in February, a coastguard spokeswoman said.
The coastguard filed the request with the French-based police service in April as part of Japan's long-running battle with militant environmentalists from Watson's Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.
Kyodo News said Japan had asked Interpol to issue a so-called blue notice, asking national police forces to provide information on Watson's whereabouts and activities, but not a red notice requesting his arrest...................

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