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Monday, May 17, 2010

yeah, but it's TEXAS and down there, this is not only acceptable

i believe you HAVE to say shite like this to be in the effed up school system

(by the way, i've been to the great state of texas and i LOVED the great state of texas and i LOVED its citizens even more. i couldn't have been treated nicer. the above is my attempt at humor. i'm still angry about the texas textbooks too. i KNOW not everyone in texas drags their knuckles on the ground)

Texas teacher singles out Latino student during SB-1070 discussion, says Mexicans always ‘expect handouts.’

By Andrea Nill
The San Antonio News reports that a Jefferson High School English teacher has been “removed from the classroom” for singling out a Latino student wearing a Mexican soccer jersey and publicly insulting him. According to the student, Augustine Ortiz, what began as a discussion about Arizona’s new immigration law (SB-1070) escalated to an anti-Latino, racist attack:

Ortiz, who was wearing a jersey from a Mexican soccer team, said the teacher told him to sit in the front row. She proceeded to single him out repeatedly, Ortiz said, pointing at him as she made comments like, “The Mexicans with their attitudes are the racist ones.” Continuing to point at Ortiz, she allegedly told the class that Mexicans always “expect handouts” and “soon it’s going to be the United States of Mexico,” according to Ortiz. [...]

Another student in the class that day, Reina Mondragon, 18, corroborated Ortiz’s story. “The kind of discussion that we had on Thursday, May 6, wasn’t like the discussions that we normally have,” she said, adding the teacher questioned why documents in the United States frequently are translated into Spanish and whether Mexicans should be allowed to own land in this country......


stray said...

She should be asking why Whitey is allowed to own land in Tejas.

a rose is a rose said...

it's called theft