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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

a ranked rape

yeah the defense attorney said it (the attack) was at the LOW END OF THE SCALE

Defense Attorney Claims Convicted Rapist “Didn’t Realize” the Severity of Rape

by Cara

Trigger Warning for discussions of sexual violence, rape apologism, and racism.

In Adelaide, Australia, a taxi driver named Hajy Baba Rahmanian was found guilty of raping an unconscious passenger. The details of the rape itself are, of course, rather horrific:

The court heard that in June 2006 the 19-year-old victim got into Rahmanian’s taxi after a party at North Adelaide.

Her friends rode with her to Hindley Street in the city where they got out to continue celebrations and told the taxi driver to take the victim home because she had been passing out and was severely intoxicated.

The Court of Criminal Appeal judgment said a GPS tracking system in the taxi showed Rahmanian travelled towards the victim’s house in Adelaide’s southern suburbs but then veered off course.

He took her to his own house at Dover Gardens and had sexual intercourse with the unconscious teenager.

The victim remembers nothing of what happened, except for waking up some hours later with some clothing removed.

It was not until months after the rape that police tracked Rahmanian down, when he went to the victim’s house and left a jar of honey on her doorstop, then tried to call her.

It is, however, the descriptions and defenses of this heinous crime by Rahmanian’s defense attorney that particularly interest me. He has pleaded for mercy, and his reasoning starts off pretty appallingly:..............


stray said...

Could be worse, could be the judge making that argument, as happened in my glorious (adopted) state in the not so distant past (if memory serves and I have my facts in order).

In the case of Mr Algie, really I'm guessing this is a defense attorney's way of saying he's got absolutely nothing to work with.

a rose is a rose said...

oh i know this case is not the only one by a mile.

i just don't know how people sleep at night