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Thursday, May 20, 2010

because i listen to 'draw your brakes' at LEAST once a week

and because he's just damn good and because i coincidentally came across this on dangerous minds..........(what luck!!!)

oh and because you can hear me say (when i'm telling someone to calm down), 'draw your brakes brodda' as often as i can

Unbelievable Sounds: Long forgotten—but incredible—reggae ‘singjay’ Scotty

Posted by Richard Metzger

Because of the inclusion of his classic song Draw Your Brakes on the gazillion-selling soundtrack album to the iconic Jamaican film, The Harder They Come (starring the great Jimmy Cliff) many people have heard the music of reggae DJ David Scott, professionally known as Scotty, but they probably have no idea that he had several other records which were equally good. Like many reggae artists, Scotty had many hit singles on the island of Jamaica that were pretty much not heard anywhere else around the world, except on the turntables of the reggae fanatics. This began to change when labels like Trojan and Blood and Fire began to release CDs of music that had heretofore mostly existed on scratchy 45s (which was the case of most ‘70s roots-era reggae). Even though reggae collectors have always found a way to get the records they want, until the genre started to really get taken seriously in the late 90s (record heads had already plowed through easy listening, then free jazz, so reggae was the next obvious genre to plunder) it wasn’t all that easy to hear a lot of this music...........

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