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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

do you know it's the position of the catholic church

to let BOTH the mother AND the fetus die? yes, it really is. i'm not exaggerating and i'm not making it up. it's the truth

i know pedophile priests have been defrocked (but not many and even those that ARE, it practically takes a lifetime to do it. it's only done after the church can't deny it any longer or hide it any longer), but i'm not sure a ONE OF the PEDOPHILES HAS BEEN EXCOMMUNICATED

what's wrong with this picture? and tell me WHO IS STILL A PRACTICING CATHOLIC AND WHY??????????????/ (p.s. my father is but he's in his 80s. i'm NOT going to start a fight with him over this now. i'm just not. frankly we've never spoken about religion at all. not on any level)

Weekly Pulse: Nun Excommunicated for Approving Lifesaving Abortion

by: Lindsay Beyerstein | The Media Consortium

A nun in Phoenix, Arizona was excommunicated for approving a lifesaving abortion. Sister Margaret McBride's role in the sacramental life of the Catholic Church came to an abrupt end after she approved an therapeutic abortion at St. Joseph's Hospital Medical Center, Robin Marty of RH Reality Check reports. She was swiftly transferred to another job at the hospital.

The woman was 11 weeks' pregnant when she developed a life threatening case of pulmonary hypertension according to Ms. Magazine. Sr. McBride approved the procedure after consulting with the patient, her family, and the hospital's ethics committee, but the local bishop excommunicated her anyway.

Sr. McBride's excommunication is the latest salvo in a national battle over access to reproductive health care in Catholic hospitals. Between a fifth and a third of all hospital beds in the United States are administered by the Catholic Church. Catholic hospitals provide health care services to the community at large and often receive public funding—but they are not required to offer treatments that conflict with their religious teachings.........


stray said...

If all the good people are going to hell, what asswipes shall inherit the kingdom of heaven...

a rose is a rose said...

you answered your own question