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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

i am NOT pro-abortion

i never have been and i never will be. what i AM is - PRO SEX EDUCATION. PRO BIRTH CONTROL. PRO CHOICE.

it's MY body. it's MY choice

The LA Times offers up an absolutely infuriating profile of "post-abortive men"—which, despite what the name suggests, are not men who were born after being aborted, but MRAs who are getting involved in the anti-choice movement, via the bullshit "post-abortion syndrome" fallacy, by whining about how men are traumatized by abortions, too—which, naturally, means that women shouldn't be allowed to have them.
I could take you point-by-point through this travesty, but one dude's story pretty much sums up the whole movement:
Chris Aubert, a Houston lawyer, felt only indifference in 1985 when a girlfriend told him she was pregnant and planned on an abortion. When she asked if he wanted to come to the clinic, he said he couldn't; he played softball on Saturdays. He stuck a check for $200 in her door and never talked to her again.
Aubert, 50, was equally untroubled when another girlfriend had an abortion in 1991. "It was a complete irrelevancy," he said. But years later, Aubert felt a rising sense of unease. He and his wife were cooing at an ultrasound of their first baby when it struck him -- "from the depths of my belly," he said -- that abortion was wrong.
Yep. It struck him that abortion was wrong. Not his total fucking indifference to the women he impregnated getting abortions, an appalling lack of empathy which any rational person would conclude had to have been indicative of a larger emotional detachment from women with whom he was intimate—that was cool. It was just the women getting the abortions that was the problem. And of course his near-sociopathic apathy toward them and their shared circumstance while pregnant with his spawn obviously had nothing to do with their getting abortions in the first place. Heavens, no. Everyone knows women long to have babies with emotionally unavailable wankstains who slip abortion money under the door. .........

keep your laws off of MY body


Carter said...

great post!

CV Rick said...

There is no level to which they who want authority over other's bodies will stoop.

a rose is a rose said...

thank you carter

and rick you're right. but this would never even be an issue if we had adequate sex ed - at home, in school or wherever.

i'd love 'abstinance' to work. it doesn't. it never did. it never will. studies have shown even those taking those stupid oaths (and secondary 'virgins' as well) LAPSE. people f**k. they do. it shouldn't come as a surprise to ANYONE

CV Rick said...

If Abstinence worked I'd have nothing to write about over on cvrick.com.

(also, your blog isn't accepting my comments tonight. this is the fourth time I'm trying to leave this one)

a rose is a rose said...

sorry about the comments rick. it did show up though. i was going to cut and paste it on for you but it WAS here already.

in my own defense sometimes i have trouble with YOUR comments section as well (remember the 9 i left?)

CV Rick said...

Yeah, typepad gets really glitchy. I always go through the comments and resurrect those that didn't make it and delete the duplicates.

But it's true that my life would've been really boring with an abstinence-based approach.

a rose is a rose said...

ya know we're just animals. we mate. it's in us. that's how we are. why is such a big deal made out of sex? i don't know. do you? (i'm talking ADULTS here)

why is it dirty if we all (well, most of us) do it? why are we ashamed? why can't we talk more freely about it?

why do people think their god cares if we have sex?