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Thursday, April 07, 2011

why do i suddenly feel the need to purge my bowels?

do i for ONE second believe he's on a humanitarian mission? FUCK NO. well if you consider one's own interests (as in greed, money, power, etc) humanitarian, then i MAY be wrong

Ex-Congressman in Libya to ‘Help’ Once Proposed Arming Gadhafi

By Noah Shachtman

Former Congressman Curt Weldon traveled repeatedly to Libya during the last decade, becoming so close with the Gadhafi regime that the firm Weldon worked for even floated the idea of selling arms to Tripoli.
So now that Gadhafi is under assault from NATO airstrikes and rebel ground troops, it should come as no surprise that Weldon is back in Libya, “to try to help negotiate a political settlement with Gadhafi and family,” according to CNN.
And while Weldon’s there, the controversial former vice chair of the House Armed Services Committee is looking to do a little image repolishing for himself.
It wasn’t long ago — April, 2008, to be exact — that Weldon was boasting in a report that he had become the “1st non-Libyan Board Member of the Ghadaffi Foundation.”...................

Weldon: I'm not in Libya to undermine Obama
Posted by Ben Plesser   
Former congressman Curt Weldon is expected to meet with Muammar Qaddafi in Libya sometime this week, and says he plans to ask the embattled leader to step aside.
Weldon was part of a congressional delegation to Libya in 2004 and has visited the country several times. His current visit is a private mission at the invitation of the Qaddafi government, but with the knowledge of the White House and members of congress, Weldon told CBS News producer Ben Plesser and a reporter from the Wall Street Journal.
Sitting in the lobby of his hotel in Tripoli Wednesday, the former congressman seemed aware of the fact that his visit to Libya, and his meeting with Muammar Qaddafi would draw criticism back home..............

Former U.S. Congressman Curt Weldon speaks with CBS News, April 6, 2011, in Tripoli, Libya.
(Credit: CBS)

Who Is Curt Weldon and Why Is He Meeting Gadhafi Again Today? - Lisa Flam

Former U.S. Rep. Curt Weldon has met with Moammar Gadhafi several times before, and he'll meet face-to-face with the Libyan leader again.

Weldon, a Republican from Pennsylvania, met today with Gadhafi's chief of staff in Tripoli and is scheduled to talk to the leader himself later today, New York's WPIX-TV reported from Libya.

Writing in today's New York Times, Weldon said he's leading a private delegation to Libya and is hoping to persuade Gadhafi to "step aside."

"First, we must engage face-to-face with Colonel [Gadhafi] and persuade him to leave, as my delegation hopes to do," Weldon wrote. "I've met him enough times to know that it will be very hard to simply bomb him into submission............

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