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Saturday, April 09, 2011

please know i LOVE new hampshire

as a matter of fact, i love ALL of new england with my heart and soul. i'd like to see several other places, but new england will always be my home. always. 

it's no wonder they love the donald up there if they have (alleged) rapists in office (not talking about ALL of the new hampshireites, just those who actually like and/or believe and/or are willing to vote for the asswipe the donald)

the story says he's 'charged with' no where does it say convicted of, so i cannot outright call him a rapist. 

New Hampshire politician now charged with rape got elected despite violent past
By Sady Doyle
Jeffrey Gray is an elected member of the Salem, New Hampshire Planning Board charged with kidnapping a woman, keeping her in his house in Windham, NH for three days, and sexually assaulting her. But this isn't the first time Gray has been accused of terrorizing women -- in fact, his history of violence against women goes back a startling 13 years.
He allegedly met his latest victim after she responded to roommate want-ad that he posted on Craigslist. Many of the trial details are sealed to protect the identity of his victim, though news reports indicate that he held her against her will and raped her over the course of several days before he drove her to Boston's Logan Airport and she was able to contact authorities...........

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