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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

this woman IS a hero

she spoke. 

one can never forget. oh, one tries, but one can't. everyone is different but my personal belief is; you do NOT have to hide what happened to you. you don't have to shout it from rooftops but you SHOULD, when situations arise, TALK about it. get it out. it's cathartic. it WILL help you heal. it WILL help others. you cannot let THEM win. you cannot let THEM have power over YOU.

it is MY personal belief someone who rapes someone else, cannot be 'cured'. plain and simple. it's (like it says in the article) HARDWIRED into them. 

thank you for being brave. thank you for facing your fears. thank you for facing your attacker. what happened will stay with you always. it should stay with HIM always too

After braving memories, could rape victim face attacker at Md. parole hearing?

Washington Post Staff Writer  

For the better part of three decades, she struggled with anorexia, panic attacks and two failed marriages - all propelled by her attempts to ignore what happened. But she could hardly forget it. She was only 16 and hitchhiking in Potomac. A man named Bill Wallshleger picked her up, pulled out a gun, taped her eyes shut and placed sunglasses over the tape so others wouldn't suspect trouble. He drove her to his farm in Virginia, took her into an unfinished basement, chained her, humiliated her, raped her. .............