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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

fuck NO

don't let this happen (as if miscarriage isn't painful enough - now you're going to have to PROVE it????????????) like i said, FUCK NO

GA Legislator Wants to Create The Uterus Police to Investigate Miscarriages

They do this every session in the state legislature here in Georgia. Someone introduces a bill that would make abortion a criminal act. And, yes, this year is no exception. This year's legislation was introduced by  House Republican Bobby Franklin ( [ the same guy ]who wants rape victims to be called "accusers"). Franklin  is one of the more, ahem, colorful members of the legislature, bless his heart. According to him, SCOTUS had no right to rule on abortion and thus GA can do whatever it damned well pleases. Oh, and you'd better be able to prove your miscarriage was natural or face felony charges/...................