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Monday, February 21, 2011

this news came out a few days ago

but for the most part i've been offline. i did want to say, i have never in all of my life heard of such a thing. a first responder (in this case, they were not called first, but a bit after the tragedy) NOT wanted to respond because their politics didn't jive with those of fellow first responders OR the victims of the tragedy (or so the story goes). it is just unbelievable

Memos: Firefighter refused Giffords 911 call

Veteran retired from force before he could be disciplined, newspaper reports

A city firefighter refused to respond to the Jan. 8 shooting spree that left six people dead and 13 wounded, the Arizona Daily Star reported, citing city memos.
The firefighter, Mark Ekstrum, quit the force two days later as management was considering possible disciplinary action against him, the Daily Star reported.  Fire Capt. Ben Williams wrote in a memo that when Ekstrum told him he would not go on the call, "he mentioned something about 'political bantering' and he did not want to be part of it," the newspaper reported..........

Firefighter Refused Call to Giffords Shooting


oh and just so you know, ekstrom is claiming he COULD not respond due to the horror of the incident. due to the fact he was TOO DISTRAUGHT to respond. do i believe that shite? WHAT DO YOU think?



Beach Bum said...

He's a douchebag putting politics before people.

a rose is a rose said...

he SHOULD be prosecuted