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Saturday, November 20, 2010

you know, i never thought of it this way, BUT it's all true

and i wonder how the peeps who are saying groping of genitalia is NECESSARY at tsa checkpoints are going to feel when it becomes THEIR turn (or their family's turn)???

Civil liberties: Now with more privileged people
......................It is no accident that women have been complaining about being pulled out of line because of their big breasts, having their bodies commented on by TSA officials, and getting inappropriate touching when selected for pat-downs for years now, but just this week it went viral.  It is no accident that transgender people have been violated by searches for years, but just this week it went viral.  It is no accident that CAIR identified Islamic head scarves (hijab) as an automatic trigger for extra screenings in January, but just this week it went viral.  What was different? 

Suddenly an able-bodied cis-gendered white man is the one who was complaining...............


Debra She Who Seeks said...

What I dread is the day when a terrorist tries to sneak explosives on board in a body cavity. Will the authorities then start doing body cavity searches on everyone?

a rose is a rose said...