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Friday, November 19, 2010

he really IS a douchebag

i'm NOT excusing rudeness (if someone was being a jerk about yawning that is) BUT you don't stop a whole class and attempt to embarrass ONE individual student in front of everyone else. stop, quickly say 'whoever is yawning, knock it the hell off', then CONTINUE your lecture.



stray said...

I'm guessing this was not the first incident, and he felt whoever was doing it was doing it deliberately to push buttons -- so the professor is over-reacting, maybe, but still... I've seen students be real assholes to professors that way, and the stories I hear from others, wow. It makes me think there are a whole lot of people getting university educations who behaviorally never made it past third grade.

a rose is a rose said...

oh, i'm around college students several times a week (and somehow you'd think law school students would be um, more intelligent? nicer? have better manners? no, no and no). THEY ARE assholes (well i'd say half are, half aren't). just think the prof did go overboard here, even if ONE of the students was also a douche