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Thursday, November 18, 2010


there is NO such thing as a 'socially acceptable' fur. period. you fuckwad. do you know how fur pieces are made? do you know how the animals (no matter HOW ugly they are) are killed? like i said, YOU FUCKING FUCKWAD. i'm not just talking to 'ms' mccree (massacre mccree) here, i'm talking to the article author (who certainly sounds like she salivated over all of the bloody pelts)

MAN BROUGHT THE NUTRIA UP HERE FROM SOUTH AMERICA. why? FOR FUCKING FUR. it's NOT a NEW THING. if the nutria are a nuisance, it's the FAULT OF MAN (once again).

and if you treat ANY fur as 'guilt free' i don't want to share my planet with you. GET OFF

Is Their Pest Your Clean Conscience?
But unlike other soft and furry animals, nutria is being rebranded as a socially acceptable and environmentally friendly alternative way to wear fur. The effort culminates this Sunday, when Ms. Melancon and about 20 designers take part in a “righteous fur” fashion show at the House of Yes, an art space in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
Fluffy hats, muffs, leg warmers and even a wedding dress will be paraded down the runway, in a show expected to draw about 150 people...........

note: pictures are   NOT of a nutria, but i'm making a point here. pic via pic via

Jennifer Zdon for The New York Times
Ziomara del Carmen helped Ana Lodriguss prepare for a nutria fashion show in New Orleans.

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memberofnature said...

be truthful, these are actual invasive, violent ant very destructive pests, they will hunt and kill any other animal in the area including beavers , squirrels, any fish or crab, tortoises. they will do immense damage to cultivations , destroy river banks and by all means actually do behave like what they are, giant and very invasive water rats
We should rejoice for exterminating these vermin as other normal fauna will have chances of survival.
by the way did I mention that just like wild pigs nutria will literally obliterate any cultivations or native flora ?