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Saturday, November 13, 2010

just because someone bore a child

doesn't make them a parent. time after time after time, children are left with 'parents' that i wouldn't leave an open can of soda with. time after time after time, the court RETURNS children to 'parents' after taking them away for a while (i DO believe on occasion people CAN and DO clean up their acts and they CAN and DO become decent parents). we have to be MORE THAN CAREFUL though. just because someone takes two hour long classes doesn't mean they transform into ozzie and harriet. 

we have to protect ALL of our children ALL of the time.

Baby girl dies after spinning in washing machine for 40 minutes

OKLAHOMA, UNITED STATES - A baby girl has died after she was placed in a washing machine that went through an entire spin cycle.
10-day-old Maggie-May Fiddler was inside the washing machine for up to 40 minutes before being discovered, reported the Daily Mail.
The mother, Lyndsey Fiddler, had placed the baby into the washing machine together with a pile of laundry.......

...........She is suspected of being addicted to crystal meth and taking it the night her daughter was killed.

Fiddler has had a history of drug abuse and assault and family members have tried to revoke her parental rights before the birth of her third child.
She was arrested in April for consuming drugs while four months pregnant.............