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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

talk about whacked out paranoids

maybe he sniffed one too many bags o' gold dust

Beck claims Feds paid to have cartoon mock him, apparently terrifying Mickey Mouse

By Stephen C. Webster
Fox News personality Glenn Beck is convinced that a recent YouTube clip, which used Disney character Donald Duck to mock his brand of bloviation, was funded by the Obama administration.
There is no evidence to support his claim. By all accounts, the fair-use video remix was pieced together by media activist Jonathan McIntosh, who published the clip to his blog on Oct. 2.
It features Donald Duck getting fired from his job, then turning to Glenn Beck's program for answers, only to be let down and sucked dry of his money, then mocked for being unemployed.
At the Stranger, Anthony Hecht raves that it "[c]aptures the strategy of the Glenn Becks of the world perfectly—manufacture rage, and then exploit the shit out of it for personal gain." World renowned film critic Roger Ebert linked to the toon at his blog, and Brad Friedman simply called it, "Duckin' brilliant.".......

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