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Sunday, October 10, 2010

solomon burke, rip

here's an anecdote

i have always liked solomon. he was a blues musician. i LOVE the blues. i LOVE the blues above all other types of music (yes, even more than  yodeling if you can believe that). 

the first and only time i saw my idol, van morrison, solomon burke was the opening act. i was really pissed. i didn't care WHO opened for van, i wasn't going to like them because they were in between ME and VAN.  well, solomon BLEW ME AWAY. he sat on his throne (he was a VERY big man) and he just sang. man, could i feel him.

i do have the joy of saying i saw him live. i think he was one of only a handful of people that could have gotten between me and mr morrison and he did so in such a way as to move my very soul. 

rest in peace mr burke (who by the way was a mortician)

not too too much out there yet on his death, but it will come. should someone happen across my humble blog and this posting, i BEG YOU, please please please listen to some solomon burke. you won't be sorry and that IS  a promise.
Solomon Burke dies at Amsterdam airport at 70

the king, solomon burke

picture from mr burke's website linked above: At Train, in Århus, Denmark, 11/16/08, taken by Morten Rygaard

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