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Thursday, August 19, 2010

this says it ALL (and more)

Palin defends Dr. Laura over N-word rant: ‘Be thankful for her voice, America’


Debra She Who Seeks said...


stray said...

Be thankful, America, that Sarah Palin is there to protect our God-given right to behave like an asswipe in front of a microphone. (Not that this isn't entirely self-serving on her part.)

a rose is a rose said...

dr laura blamed EVERYTHING on the 'left'. it's not HER fault she can't speak her mind and use all of her constitutional rights including throwing the n word around like crazy.

well, it's my opinion she can flap her effing gums all she wants. i just don't understand WHO or WHAT would want to listen? OR more importantly SPONSOR her.

now if someone attacked dr laura for being jewish, hurled horrible nasty words at HER, would she be 'sensitive' about it? YOU BET YOUR ARSE she WOULD BE