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Saturday, July 24, 2010

i listened to daniel schorr every sunday on npr

and i will miss him

Daniel Schorr, veteran CBS and CNN reporter and NPR news analyst, dead at 93

Washington Post Staff Writer  

Daniel Schorr, 93, a combative broadcast reporter who over six decades broke major national stories while also provoking presidents, foreign leaders, the KGB, the CIA and his bosses at CBS and CNN, died July 23 at Georgetown University Hospital. The cause of death was not reported.
Mr. Schorr, a senior news analyst with National Public Radio for the past 25 years, was one of a handful of reporters with firsthand knowledge of newsmakers from the 1950s through the 2000s.
Recruited to CBS by the legendary Edward R. Murrow in 1953, he had the first televised interview with Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev and won three Emmy Awards for his coverage of the Watergate scandal..............

NPR's Scott Simon Remembers Daniel Schorr

-Scott Simon

No other journalist in memory saw as much history as Daniel Schorr.
He was born the year before the Russian Revolution and lived to see the Digital Revolution. He was there before the Berlin Wall went up and there a generation later when it came down. He was born before people had radio in their homes but pioneered the use of radio, television, satellites and then the Web to report the news.
How many people were personal acquaintances of Edward R. Murrow, Nikita Khrushchev, Frank Zappa and Richard Nixon?
For all the history that he reported, Dan Schorr will always be remembered for the moment he stood before live television cameras in 1974 with a breaking bulletin about a list of enemies compiled by the White House.
Schorr began to read the names. One of them was his own. "The note here is, 'A real media enemy,'" he read, before continuing through the list.
"What went through my mind was, 'Don't lose your cool. Be professional,'" he said years later.
Dan became a professional at the age of 12. A woman jumped off the roof of his family's apartment building in the Bronx. While police and fire crews rushed to the scene, Dan called the Bronx Home News — and got paid $5 for the story..............
pic: Paula Darte/NPR

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