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Monday, July 19, 2010

heads, he gets what he wants

 from the curvature

Police Officer Arrested for On-Duty Sexual Assault and False Imprisonment of Ex-Girlfriend
by Cara

Trigger Warning for graphic descriptions of sexual harassment, sexual assault, and police violence.
In Illinois, a sheriff’s deputy for Lake County has been arrested on charges of attempted sexual assault while armed and false imprisonment while armed, in neighboring Kenosha County. Both crimes are felonies. Jack Johnson (left) allegedly harassed, sexually assaulted, and physically restrained an ex-girlfriend while she was at work. He is currently on administrative leave and in jail with $5,000 bail for his alleged crimes:
According to a criminal complaint, Johnson went into the cell phone store in Twin Lakes about 10:45 a.m. to talk to the clerk, a former girlfriend.
The woman said Johnson had called earlier about a broken cell phone, but when he came into the store he insisted they resume their relationship, despite his marriage and her engagement.
“What’s it matter? It’s just a piece of paper,” Johnson reportedly said.
The woman said Johnson repeatedly asked her to kiss him and promised to leave if she just “gave him what he wanted.”
After suggesting a coin toss to settle the matter..............

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