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Sunday, July 18, 2010

the allegations are baseless, baseless i tell ya!

of course blackwater xe (a pile o' shite by any other name y'all....) is denying even KNOWING about the mistreatment of women (and young grrrls - and i would suspect young boys as well). they are NOT the only contractors in the middle east. (nor are they the only soldiers or government employees). 

who suffers the most in war? women and children as always. 

this is how it always was and how it MIGHT always be. i am here to do my little tiny part to stop it.

at any rate, these are just allegations and nothing is proven  yet (have to say that even though i KNOW already what's true and what's not and who is guilty and who is not)

U.S. policy a paper tiger against sex trade in war zones

By Nick Schwellenbach and Carol Leonnig

An eight-year-old policy that forbids government contractors and employees to engage in sex trafficking in war zones has proved almost impossible to enforce amid indications that such activities are occurring in Iraq and Afghanistan.
The policy, instituted eight years ago by President George W. Bush and still in effect today, calls for the prosecution of government employees and contractors who engage in trafficking and the suspension or disqualification of companies whose workers do. Bush's get-tough language also threatened criminal prosecutions for solicitation of prostitutes because many of the women are forced into the work...........

The former Blackwater guard also said he provided the information to a grand jury, but the Justice Department would not confirm or deny the existence of an investigation.
Stacy DeLuke, a spokeswoman for Blackwater, now known as Xe Services, said the firm "vehemently denies these anonymous and baseless allegations." She said Xe policies forbid human trafficking..................

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