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Saturday, May 15, 2010

say it isn't so.........

i'm not the biggest fan in the universe, but i watched it from time to time and i liked it well enough.

just dropped by the nbc website. i see the miss usa shitefest is coming up (how proud nbc must be of that!!!). they immediately direct you to the swimsuit pictures too (getting right down to bid-niz i see)

and let's not forget nbc is the home of jay 'i'm a giant big fat weeniehead' leno too!

Dropping of ‘Law & Order’ Creates Hole in Economy

But the wheels of TV justice will soon grind to a halt, after NBC announced on Friday that it was canceling the original “Law & Order,” leaving a big hole in the city’s economy.

Katherine Oliver, the commissioner of the Mayor’s Office of Film, Theater and Broadcasting, said that every year the show provided jobs to about 4,000 people, including one-day acting roles. Its spending totaled about $79 million annually, she said, including things like coffee and bagels, boom microphones and duct tape. During its 20-year run, that impact amounted to as much as $1 billion or more, she said.

Ms. Oliver praised Dick Wolf, the show’s producer, for choosing to film a series in the city when most other shows about New York were being shot in Canada or some other faraway place.

“He’s really proved that New York City is an affordable place to shoot,” she said.......................

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