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Monday, May 10, 2010

more (and we all know this isn't even the TIP of the iceberg

if i didn't know better (and i am not sure i do), i might start thinking the catholic church is an on purpose breeding ground for pedophiles

And yet another story of an abusive priest shuffled within the church

What the hell is the matter with the Catholic church? They're a bunch of sick people running the show if this is how they think rapists should be handled. Same story, different location.

A rutted red dirt track leads to the "bar," a couple of homemade wood benches in the shade of an old tree dripping with wild mangoes. Within easy reach, there's a yellow plastic jerry can of the fiery palm wine the American priest loved.

A 40-year-old schoolteacher now charges that the Rev. James Tully gave the palm wine to teenage boys to make them more susceptible to his advances.....................

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