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Thursday, May 06, 2010

like i have been saying

if you elect (in this case) him, you deserve him (even though i didn't vote for daLIEbs, the majority in connecticut did. we deserved him in that case)

this asswipe looks WAY WORSE (if you can believe that)

Using Gender in Political Campaigns

by gwen
In the article “‘White Men Are This Nation:’ Right-Wing Militias and the Restoration of Rural American Masculinity,” Michael Kimmel and Abby Ferber discuss the particular ideas about masculinity that form part of the ideologies of the militia movement. This movement sees American manhood as endangered, under attack from feminists, minorities, and a feminized government that have collectively weakened the nation. From this perspective, a major goal of those in the militia movement is to return the U.S. to a position of global dominance by re-masculinizing it, a process that falls primarily to White men.............

.................Brown served in the Navy; his website includes a lot of camouflage and calls to pursue an aggressive military policy and save the nation from its current weakness. His rhetoric draws on a particular type of masculinity, one that relies on violence, sexism, and homophobia. Some quotes from his website:

…many U.S. politicians are spineless jellyfish

…attack and annihilate that monstrous national debt…

Mighty War Department

Keep the Queens out of the Marines

Combat is NO place for women

Part of his bio:

I was also a Taxicab driver and evangelist in Boise, ID where I led approximately 1,000 lost souls to the Lord Jesus Christ: Drunks and Winos, Hookers and Strippers, Bums, and Homeless; Hippies and Rainbow people, Bikers, and Villains, Truckers and Construction workers, Businessmen and Proletarians, psychos and weirdo’s, homos and lesbians; even some people who looked normal and smelled nice.................

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