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Friday, May 07, 2010

isn't this sort of a 'duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh'?

Exposed: Christian leader caught with male escort says he needed help with his luggage

By John Byrne

Update: Escort tells paper Rekers is homosexual

The newspaper that busted a Christian leader with a male escort ran a follow-up story Thursday afternoon:

The male escort hired by anti-gay activist George Alan Rekers has told Miami New Times the Baptist minister is a homosexual who paid him to provide body rubs once a day in the nude, during their ten-day vacation in Europe.

Rekers allegedly named his favorite maneuver the "long stroke" -- a complicated caress "across his penis, thigh... and his anus over the butt cheeks," as the escort puts it. "Rekers liked to be rubbed down there," he says..................

Photo: Anti-Gay Activist George Rekers and His Rent Boy at Miami International Airport

Photo by Brandon K. Thorp
George Rekers and 'Lucien' waiting for the elevator at MIA.

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stray said...

fish in a barrel...

a rose is a rose said...

i can't even pretend to know what it's like to feel you have to hide who you are from the entire world. even in 2010, i see why people do. i don't agree. but then again, it's not my life, it's theirs. it must be so horrid for them inside their souls.

but to go one step beyond and PERSECUTE. what must you be churning up inside to do that?

this story is funny but we both know it's really NOT