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Friday, April 17, 2009

scary AND it makes me want to puke

these people are so close minded, so EFFING STUPID, so racist, so paranoid, so ignorant. i don't get how they can blame the new administration for what has happened (and is happening) to our country. it started LONGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG before THIS administration.

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Beach Bum said...

Speaking from unfortunate experience for better or worse you get use to it. I'm surprised no one mentioned the new paranoia conspiracy one of my co-workers keeps speaking of during work. That Obama wants to put a chip in everyone's home thermostat so the federal government can control how hot or cold you house can be.

Unknown said...

oh my goddess! 'these people' these same ones that are buying guns in droves and joining white power organizations etc are protesting too much government. where were they when king george and his merry band were in their bedrooms and on their pcs and phones and telling them which kind of medical treatment they could and could not have? is it simply the color of one's skin? i don't know but i sure as shite know i DO NOT LIKE IT