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Saturday, April 18, 2009

i was going to say

another example of us bringing our brand of democracy to iraq....however, on second thought, WE WOULD IN FACT DO THE SAME THING HERE (we do it now). stone or beat gays, lesbians, transgendered or bi. instead of worrying about someone else's family (in THAT way) worry about your OWN. (yes, i believe we should look out for one another BUT NOT HURT ONE ANOTHER)

Iraqi gays face 'lives of hell'
By Jim Muir
BBC News, Baghdad

Grainy footage taken on a mobile phone and widely distributed around Baghdad shows a terrified young Iraqi boy cowering and whimpering as men with a stick force him to strip, revealing women's underwear beneath his dishdasha (Arab robe).

"Why are you dressed as a girl?" roars one of the men, brandishing his stick as the youth removes his brassiere.

The sobbing boy, who appears to be about 12, tries to explain that his family made him do it to earn money, as they have no other source of income.

The scene, apparently filmed in a police post, reinforced reports of a campaign against gays in Iraq which activists say has claimed the lives of more than 60 since December.

In the latest manifestation of the campaign, posters have appeared on walls in the poor Shia suburb of Sadr City in eastern Baghdad, listing alleged homosexuals by name and threatening to kill them.

Those named have gone underground, while gays throughout the city and in some other parts of the country also live in fear..................

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