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Friday, March 02, 2007


they relieve someone of his command at walter reed and replace him with kiley. someone who was TOLD OF THE TREATMENT OF INJURED VETS a while ago. someone who (apparently) did NOTHING about it

accountability? my big fat white ass

Chief at Walter Reed Relieved Of Duties In Wake of Press Reports

WASHINGTON The Army said Thursday that the two-star general in charge of Walter Reed Army Medical Center has been relieved of command following disclosures about inadequate treatment of wounded soldiers.Maj. Gen. George W. Weightman, who was commanding general of the North Atlantic Regional Medical Command as well as Walter Reed hospital, was relieved of command by Army Secretary Francis J. Harvey.........

...........Weightman's duties will be assumed temporarily by Lt. Gen. Kevin Kiley, the commander of U.S. Medical Command, until a permanent replacement is found, Harvey said. [Reports in the Post and at Salon.com this week revealed that Kiley had been told about some of the problems at Walter Reed long ago. The Post revealed: "In 2004, Rep. C.W. Bill Young and his wife stopped visiting the wounded at Walter Reed out of frustration. Young said he voiced concerns to commanders over troubling incidents he witnessed but was rebuffed or ignored....Beverly Young said she complained to Kiley several times. She once visited a soldier who was lying in urine on his mattress pad in the hospital. When a nurse ignored her, Young said, 'I went flying down to Kevin Kiley's office again, and got nowhere. He has skirted this stuff for five years and blamed everyone else.'"].............

Army Fires Commander of Walter Reed
Former Chief, Also Criticized in Troop-Care Scandal, Temporarily Takes Over

By Steve Vogel and William Branigin Washington Post Staff Writers Friday, March 2, 2007; Page A01
The commander of Walter Reed Army Medical Center was fired yesterday after the Army said it had lost trust and confidence in his leadership in the wake of a scandal over outpatient treatment of wounded troops at the Northwest Washington hospital complex.
Army Maj. Gen. George W. Weightman, who assumed command of Walter Reed in August, will be temporarily replaced by Lt. Gen. Kevin C. Kiley. But the appointment of Kiley, who had earlier been the facility's commander, surprised some Defense Department officials because soldiers, their families and veterans' advocates have complained that he had long been aware of problems at Walter Reed and did nothing to improve its outpatient care.

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