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Friday, August 19, 2011

i did read this the other day

and it like to have knocked me right on down y'all!

(i'm vegan - EXCEPT i knit with wool which technically makes me NOT vegan. however, i believe i'm vegan in every other way. NOT for health reasons mind you)

i don't preach but i sure will come after you if YOU attack me for MY eating style and beliefs (thank the great goddess potato chips are vegan)

the question i get asked the most is; 'don't  you miss meat'? the answer is NO i do NOT. i never ever liked meat even when i was a young 'un. i hated some meat more than others. i would NOT eat steak or ham and if i had a burger, i would eat it but it had to be almost burnt. if something had a bone (chicken, pork chop etc) i wouldn't eat it unless my mom took the bone out. i never cared  for fish either (lobster always reminded me of chicken gristle) 

Believe it or not, Bill Clinton has gone vegan with a vengeance

By Megan Johnson

Gone are the days of pizza, burgers and doughnuts for former President Bill Clinton.
The infamous junk food lover, who underwent quadruple bypass surgery in 2004, is now a full-fledged vegan. He consumes no meat, no dairy, no eggs and almost no oil.
“I like the vegetables, the fruits, the beans, the stuff I eat now,” Clinton told CNN’sDr. Sanjay Gupta...................

President Clinton tucks into a Neapolitan pizza in Naples, Italy back in 1994.

p.s. i make my OWN pizza and it's kick ARSE! (by the way, daiya 'cheese' is vegan AND IT MELTS AND IT TASTES DECENT! try it out

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