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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

yet MORE insanity

equating the grrrl scouts with abortion

fuckwads. yes, really

New anti-abortion rights website targets Girl Scouts
By Sofia Resnick

A new anti-abortion rights website has emerged, its aim focused on the Girl Scouts of the United States of America.
Speak Now: Girl Scouts is the product of two Texas-based teen sisters, Tess and Sydney Volanski, who claim to have recently quit the Girl Scouts after eight years because they discovered the organization has a “pro-abortion mindset.”
The homepage of the all-pink website begins with the following introduction (emphasis in the original):
We refuse to remain silent while this organization’s unscrupulous principles mislead over 2 million girls in the United States alone. We created SpeakNowGirlScouts.com in order to spread the truth to others who have no idea what GSUSA’s [Girl Scouts of the United States of America's] true intentions are. This website is our way to speak now and we hope it encourages you to do the same!............
 pic: Girls Scout badges (photo: Kirsten Can, Flickr)

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