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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

is walker the definition of PURE evil?

i don't know for sure but i'm guessing the answer is YES

i don't understand and have never understood...how a gay/lesbian/trans/bi person or couple could threaten the rights of a STRAIGHT person? really. explain it to me? are YOUR rights going to be taken away if same-sex partners visit each other in the hospital? if  yes, THEN and ONLY THEN would you have a voice. if not, SHUT THE FUCK UP. and i do mean NOW

 Hospital visitation rights for same sex couples under threat in Wisconsin | The Raw Story
By Stephen C. Webster
Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker (R) this week asked a judge if the state may stop defending a law that gives citizens in same sex relationships the right to visit their partner if they're in a hospital.
Passed by Democrats in 2009, the state's domestic partnership registry was meant to give same sex couples more rights. While it succeeded in doing so, rights for domestic partners in Wisconsin do not rise to the level of special rights granted by marriage.
It allows anyone to register a domestic partner with the state, who can then visit them in the hospital, make key end-of-life decisions and inherit property in the event of one partner's death...................


stray said...

What is it with Wisconsin and the Retro 80's Reality Show thing?

a rose is a rose said...

unfortunately it's not just wisconsin