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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

ok, i didn't have time to read through ALL of this right now

(leaving for work in 15 minutes) but it sure sounds wicked cool. and man, i really DO need help in the email department. i cannot delete anything. i must i must i must

Nifty App Converts Email Into A Game, Helping You Blast Through Your Inbox
John Pavlus

Here's a "gamification" idea we can really get behind.
Productivity cult-leader Merlin Mann popularized a concept called Inbox Zero, which holds an empty email inbox up as an ideal state, not unlike Buddhist nirvana. But much like that permanently enlightened state, Inbox Zero is very, very hard to attain. How many useless CC's or "Thanks!" emails have you had forced on you today? Even if you just delete them, it still feels like homework. Enter "The Email Game," an utterly ingenious webapp from Baydin that turns this sorry state of affairs into something more adrenalizing, like speed chess. Basically, the more stupid emails you mercilessly scythe out of your inbox (there's a running timer), the more points you earn..............

pic from the email game

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