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Thursday, April 28, 2011

i don't normally even read the huff

much less link to an article there. however...............i feel just like mr ostroy does (only stronger)

i am embarrassed. i am FUCKING FURIOUS. i am shamed. i am so FUCKING ANGRY

Obama Releases His Birth Certificate, and America Loses

Andy Ostroy

April 27, 2011. Mark it down in your calendars as the day the racists and the crazies in America won. A day that should embarrass anyone with human decency and love of country. The day the office of the United States Presidency lost some of its respect and prestige. The day Barack Obama acquiesced to the radical Republican fringe lunatics and released his long-form birth certificate to conclusively prove his citizenship and hopefully put an end to the despicable campaign, led by Donald Trump, to deligitimize him.

It's a shame and a disgrace to our great nation that the Birther movement existed in the first place, as it is little more than a thinly veiled disguise for the obvious racism behind it. The ignorant, narrow-minded bigots fueling this campaign simply refuse to accept the outcome of the 2008 election; that there's a black family in the White House and a black man in the Oval Office.  ...............

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