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Thursday, March 10, 2011

wow, a navy investigation

that actually LOOKS like it's bringing out the TRUTH

if we KNOW what's broken, admit what's broken, we can then take the steps to FIX what's broken

Navy Report Attacks "Pervasive" Tailhook Mentality
By Adam Weinstein

...............That Navy inquest (PDF) was completed earlier this month. Predictably, several heads (including Honors') have rolled. But the investigation—authored by Rear Adm. Gerald R. Beaman, a former FBI agent—went much, much farther: It launched a broadside attack on "the continuing remnants of a pervasive culture in Naval Aviation that mistakenly accepts that a certain, extreme level of coarse humor is acceptable" in training warfighters.  Beaman's report is perhaps the boldest indictment of sexist, anti-gay dudebrah-ism ever written by a high-ranking military officer, and his words (the highlights of which are below) must be read to be believed. And as the Navy prepares to fully integrate women into the submarine service, Beaman's withering criticisms may be the catalyst for change in an officer's corps that has historically associated jock behavior with good morale...............


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